Monday, February 7, 2011

Eggs, asparagus and carapaccio

A year ago in New Zealand friends of our made us a simple and perfect light lunch: fried eggs over asparagus, with parmesan. We recreated it last weekend, with the addition of carapaccio. It's a combination which shouldn't work, which has no right to work, but which is sublime. It would hold its own at a fancy post-wedding brunch just as at a weekend hangover fixup.

In many ways, this dish resolves my multitude of problems with the traditional English breakfast [having married an Englishman, I'm more than familiar with the t.E.b.]: the grease, the lack of colour and the lack of a variety of textures. But here! Here we get the brilliant red of carapaccio, the crunchy green of the asparagus, the tang of the parmesan and the softness of the eggs. It's lovely, especially as an antidote to Aarhus' grey-rain-fog face.

Looking at the plating (or lack thereof) above: must learn to poach eggs. But not with the $1-per-egg organic etc. eggs I've been buying here in Aarhus. Perhaps I'll pick up a sacrificial batch of inexpensive eggs to experiment with on the weekend.

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