Friday, July 16, 2010

Fruit salad

This is what we are eating, all day, every day: melon, raspberries, peaches, blackberries, bananas and more, with a touch of orange juice and/or elderflower cordial. Summer in a bowl.

You learn to appreciate produce in-season in Budapest: our strawberry season is precisely 2.5 weeks. Ditto melons and peaches. Raspberries last for 10 days, and blackberries even fewer. There are no imported berries at Christmas, no global selection of fruits and vegetables all year round, no hints of summer in the winter-time markets.

(What do we get in the winter? Potatoes. Onions. Kohlrabi. Squash. Parsnips. Celeriac. More onions. Etcetera. It's a 5-month root vegetable fiesta. After two winters here, I am an expert on the use of celeriac. And I love it.)

Must go: I have a fruit salad waiting. It won't last long.

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