Saturday, July 10, 2010

She Eats Bears

Well, I haven't. At least not yet. I do eat deer and wild boar, etc. And I love the She Eats Bears blog (it's bilingual! I haven't read the back of a Canadian cereal box in two years!). It's chock full of fresh ideas, and everything I've tried from it works like a charm.

This is her chicken burger, with some alterations. (Banana peppers? Oh, how I wish I could get banana peppers here!) The chicken is marinaded all day in maple syrup, good mustard and hot pepper (i.e., a fresh eros paprika, or chili pepper, chopped up). It is then grilled, along with the red onion, red pepper and kaiser rolls, on the barbie. Finish with thick slices of tomato and some lettuce -- no sauce is needed, since the chicken is so juicy and flavorful. These are wonderfully tasty and wonderfully messy.

And this gooey mess of melted butter and strawberries is her upside down cake, pre-baking. Yes, I put the fruit in the wrong way up. This is exactly why I don't drive. Everything looks dandy, and then you've turned into the wrong lane. Or carefully placed every berry upside down. Same thing. Luckily berry directionality doesn't affect taste -- and this cake is scrumptious. One warning: it doesn't keep well. Eat within two days of making -- not hard to do!

The last, lonely piece, about to be put out of its misery...

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