Friday, July 9, 2010

Two weeks without a computer.

One murder mystery, two Economists, three aeroplanes, and five days in the south of France. And upon return? My laptop, fixed, with a new screen and a functional backlight! Terrific. I've been able to empty my camera cards, both full, and have a long backlog of photos and recipes to post.

This is tonight's dessert: a summer concoction of grapefruit, lemon basil (although mint would have been preferable), and a touch of gin -- ice cold, with a rim of salt. I need to work on my salt-dipping abilities.

And these? These are French breakfast puffs from Pioneer Woman Cooks. They are heavenly. Don't go easy on the butter -- or the cinnamon, for that matter. They keep well for a week, and reheat beautifully (10-12 seconds in the microwave). In my continued search for breakfast foods I like, however, these fall slightly too far on the sweet side.

Back to sorting photos, doing laundry, and drinking a cup of tea before the day gets too hot...

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