Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer days

I love summer days like this: days when the laundry dries in just a few hours despite thundershower warnings. Days when the fridge is full of leftover barbeque chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. Days when five minutes of clipping in the garden yields two dozen roses for the dining room table. Days which are perfect for wearing the skirt you just -- just! -- finished. A twirly, flowery skirt, simple to make and great fun to wear. (It's Simplicity pattern 4236/C).

(Even I was impressed my my sandal tan.)

Days with a reason to share a glass of good Hungarian chardonnay at lunch. Days when you can quietly think about the most recent quilt you are giving away. I can't keep them long in the house after finishing, or else I would never pry them off my walls and/or bed and into the hands they were made for. This one will be auctioned in the autumn to raise money for CMSF, the organization which opened so many doors for me while putting me through my undergraduate studies. Tomorrow, it will travel to England (well, Heathrow) and on to Dallas. Sometime next week, it will enter its fourth country -- Canada -- and, hopefully, be oohed and aahed over at the CMSF offices.

Here it is carefully draped over the Very Prickly Bush Near the Laundry Line. The same Very Prickly Bush that Richard rolled a bocce ball into the other night -- instigating a painful retrieval process which nearly drove us to try playing on the lower sloped portion of the lawn. The lower, sloped, boggy, mosquito-infested portion of the lawn. Perhaps next time. 

Food? Regular programming will resume shortly. Currently, however, I'm off to twirl my skirt.

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